Cogent Concepts


Cogent Concepts and Project Management, L.L.C.  is a political consulting, community advocacy, and grassroots outreach firm.

Political Consulting
Cogent Concepts provides the following consulting services in the context of the overall political landscape locally, statewide, and nationally:
  • Government Relations:  As a registered lobbyist, Cogent works with you to address policies that affect your business and the people you serve.  Cogent monitors and updates you on legislation and advocates on your behalf.
  • Political and Issue Campaign Messaging Development:  Cogent amplifies your voice through compelling messaging.
  • Message Coaching: Cogent coaches candidates, campaign teams, and spokespersons to ensure a clear, concise, and compelling brand.
  • Issue Polling, Focus Groups, and Forums: Instead of guessing about constituent or client needs, allow Cogent to provide a more evidence-based approach.
Community Advocacy and Training
Cogent Concepts works closely with community groups to address policies that impact them.  Cogent works to educate elected officials, enabling them to make informed decisions on behalf of their constituents.  Cogent also assists in research and drafting of  legislation and amendments.
Cogent Concepts monitors legislation, plans legislative days at the capitol, and connects community members, advocates, and organizations with their legislators.
Cogent Concepts not only walks side-by-side with grassroots advocates, we empower them to strategically advocate for themselves through advocacy and grassroots organizer     training.  “Giving a person a fish will only feed them for a day, but teaching a person to fish will feed them for a lifetime.”  This is a value this firm holds dear.
Data-Driven Campaign Management 
Your campaign, marketing or outreach plan must be informed by objective data.  If it is not, your valuable resources are not being employed in the most strategic manner.
Cogent Concepts delivers information to increase your  effectiveness:
  • Chronic voter lists for issue based and political campaigns.
  • Infrequent and non-registered voter lists for voter registration drives.
  • Field plans based on prioritized voters in your target areas.
  • Real-time updates on your constituent outreach efforts and continued outreach needs based on those updates.
Grassroots Outreach also known as Door-to-Door Marketing
Because we have extensive experience in “putting an ear to the ground” for our clients, we are the best at getting your message across to your target audience:
  • Door-to-Door outreach is one of the most effective forms of marketing – more effective than TV, radio, or direct mail.
  • We tailor our outreach to your needs whether you have a commercial business, non-profit organization or community group.
  • We are equipped to flier whole neighborhoods in hours.
  • We effectively deliver your customized message.
  • We are also highly skilled at helping you get feedback from potential and existing clientele.
Social Media
Cogent Concepts develops Social Media Strategy and gives you voice in the online community specific to your brand and the goals you desire to accomplish.
Cogent can also integrate your Social Media strategy into your overall campaign strategy — a key to successful messaging.
Cogent is proficient in the use of:
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • Tumblr
  • WordPress
  • HootSuite
  • Ubersocial
  • And more
General Consulting
Cogent Concepts and Project Management, LLC brings a unique set of  distinguished skills to service your general needs. Contact Cogent for help with short-term or long-term projects specific to your desired outcomes.   Some unique services include:
  • Appealing unfair work performance evaluations
  • Event planning – Will increase participation and sponsorship
    • Banquets
    • Professional Workshops

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