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DSCC, Executive Committee – Secretary
EBR DPEC, Immediate Past Chair

I am honored to serve a second term in Democratic Party leadership.  I am your new Secretary for the Louisiana Democratic State Central Committee (DSCC) and am the Immediate Past Chair of the East Baton Rouge Democratic Parish Executive Committee (DPEC).

This second term is a special honor as I was elected with overwhelming support and trust while being on the ballot a total of three times in the March 5, 2016 election. That day was not only election day for Democratic party leadership but for a special election to fill a local school board seat.  You showed faith in me.  I receive 83% of the vote for the DSCC seat, finished first out of five at-large seats for the DPEC seat, and  received 80% of the vote for East Baton Rouge School Board, District 4.  Thank you very much for allowing me to continue to serve.

More personally, I am the proud mother of two young men, Daylin and Chauncey Collins who have caused me to have a strong passion for quality public education.  I’m passionate about other things as well: equal access to affordable quality health care, urban restoration, rural development, and good paying jobs for hard working people –  the many values we hold dear as Democrats.

I believe it is important that we reach out to one another, learn from one another and support each other in the rebuilding of our state party.   Louisiana is hurting.  Louisiana needs us to do our part.

I look forward to our growth together.

Democratically yours,

Dawn D. Collins


2 Responses to Democratic Party

  1. Patty Kay says:

    And Dawn is kind to little old ladies, too! *S*

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